A simple support system for labeling and traceability

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Time to procure a software solution for designing and producing labels? Or do you need to increase the traceability of your goods or in your warehouses? Nicelabel is the solution. With NiceLabel you can easily create labels with unique features without the need of a programmer.

We help you with everything – from basic label designs to advanced system connections, but also with traceability and automatic routines that streamlines your labeling management.

Nicelabel is perfect for those who want:

  • Have a simple program for design and easy-to-understand tools
  • Connect to an existinging database (with odbc, SQL, excel etc.)
  • Automated printjobs integrated from your ERP-Sytem
  • Meet industry requirements with existing templates

With a simple design and easy-to-understand tool, you can drag and drop everything you need directly to your label. It’s easy to learn how to create labels for your needs according to industry requirements and your company’s profile.

Do you need to connect to existing databases or other data sources? With a simple guide you get all the help you need to select and use the information on the label. You can easily edit your configurations at any time. Great scalability, let your configuration grow with your company.

Nicelabel supports both Python script and VB script. Therefore, you can create the most advanced features such as manipulating string data, calculating totals or determining printers depending on the time, variable information or label name.

Not a programmer? There is a tool that helps you to easily retrieve parts of a text string, calculate best before dates or put together several fields to create eg. an SSCC ID or the like. Completely straightforward, we promise..

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Is Nicelabel right for your business? Download a demo version that works fully for 30 days. You may try what version is best suited for your needs. NiceLabel Designer comes in 3 versions – Express, Professional och PowerForms – the choice is yours.

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